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Let's work together: for picture book illustration contact Caryn Wiseman at Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Clients: Chronicle Kids, Holiday House, Running Press Kids/Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Sourcebooks Kids, Feeding Minds Press, Heinemann a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Highlights Magazine, Highlights High Five Magazine, Sterling Publishing, Callisto Media, Pottery Barn Kids x Minted, Design House Greetings, Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids as well as many other lovely folks!


Welcome to my online portfolio! I'm Marie (she/her), illustrator and artist with an obsession for children's picture book illustration (our home library has over 200 picture books and growing). I hold a degree in Landscape Architecture from NC State University's College of Design. I am a world traveler, having lived in Sweden for four years and traveled to 11 countries spanning 3 continents. When I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist or marine biologist because I was told no one could make a career out of being an artist. Although here I am!


Currently, I am working primarily as a digital illustrator. I started my illustration career creating and licensing stationery for clients such as Trader Joe's, whom I still regularly work with. My work tends to have a vibrant, textured, painterly look. I consider myself an eternal student of art and of life and I am constantly seeking out ways to improve my craft. 


In my free time I have a bustling garden to tend to, attend local traditional art classes, and get out hiking in the woods as much as I possibly can. I love collecting sea shells, bird feathers, and other natural objects (which you can find all over our house). I geek out over bird calls and plant identification and think of myself as a hobby naturalist.


As a children's picture book illustrator I am particularly drawn to stories that teach children about nature and our interconnectedness to it. Everything I draw is lovingly critiqued by my two very opinonated children, Ella (10) and Espen (8). 

Current and future books:

LISTEN TO THE LANGUAGE OF THE TREES by Tera Kelley, Marie Hermansson (Sourcebooks Kids, 2022) ​

I AM A THUNDERCLOUD by Leah Moser, Marie Hermansson (Running Press Kids/Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, April 2024) 

REINDEER REMAINDERS by Katey Howes, Marie Hermansson (Sourcebooks Kids, 2024) *Pre-Order Now!*

THE BIRTHDAY TREE by Christine Iverson, Marie Hermansson (Holiday House, 2026)

IF YOU LIVE ON A FARM by Kari Gonzalez, Marie Hermansson (Feeding Minds Press imprint of The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, April 2025)

THE SECRETS OF THE JELLIES by Karen Jameson, Marie Hermansson (Chronicle Kids, 2026)

Please contact my agent Caryn Wiseman at Andrea Brown Literary Agency for picture book illustration inquiries. 

For editorial or licensing please contact me at

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